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          The average delinquent
          dental charge is $400.
       You can pay Trojan $13.95
         ($13.95/$400 = 3.5%)
    You can pay another agency
        35% of $400 = $140.00
          For the same service
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"Dr Vogel has been using Trojan's Credit Services for over 20 years in of his dental offices. "That says it all" Their letter service is very professional looking and brings results."
Regine Hawkins, Office Manager for Dr. R. Vogel

"We have been utilizing Trojan Professional Services for many years and have only received excellent service. The staff is poite and respons quickly to phone calls or questions. Our accounts have been taken care of promptly and in a very professional manner. We would be glad to recommend this service to other businesses."
Keri McKinney, Office Manager for Dr. David Duke

"We have been customers of Trojan Credit Services for almost two years. Our business manager discovered the company at our annual dental convention in Boston in January 2004. Their service is outstanding. We contact them via phone, fax and through the internet. Each time we call, we talk with an informed, courteous representative. They relay accurate information and help us out with any problems we may have. There is always a follow up written confirmation for each transaction we request. I highly recommend this company. They certainly meet the needs of this office. We are truely satisfied."
Nancy Roberts, Collections Manager for Drs. Kmon & Osofsky

"My office has been using the Trojan Credit Reporting Service for about eight years. It is much more cost effective, and works far better than collection agencies. This is expecially true for small bad debts."
Dr. Jeff Clark

"We just wanted to drop a note to let you know how beneficial your company is for our practice. We provide hundreds of patients every month with dental services and supplies. We allow our patients to pay in many forms of payments and in increments, which is sometimes to our detriment. When a patient fails to meet their payment requirements, we send those patients to you, Trojan. More that 70% of the patients filed with Trojan pay us immediately upon the first notice you send. The majority of the remaining patients end up having to pay us at a later date when the are trying to purchase something and it needs to be cleared from their credit report. We see benefits not only immediately, but in the long run we recuperate about 85-90% of our once "uncollectible debt". This is a good ratio of collections per patients seen. We will continue to use your company for as long as we are in business, and refer our friends and associates as well."
Michele Bonavia, Accounting Manager for Dr. Marcus Tappan

"Trojan Professional Services are prompt, effortless, informative and extremely supportive. They assist our office every step of the way."
Kelly Cerrillo, Practice Administrator for Dr. Mitchel Quintner

"Trojan collection team has guided and taught us so much about the leagal process of collection, we are truly grateful. You have enhanced our ability to collect our accounts receivable."
Nancy Crossin, Practice Administrator for Dr. Mitchell Quintner

"Our dental office has utilized the Trojan Credit Servcie for many years and find their method of collection as well as the friendly and prompt customer service to be excellent. Trojan has been a valuable partner in our delinquent accounts receivable department."
Brenda Tierney, Office Manager for Central Bucks Dental Assocates

"For the past few years, our office has been extremely happy with the results we get from using Trojan's collection services. Although we do not enjoy sending our patients to collections, we occasionally need to when the statements we send are being ignored, leaving accounts unpaid. When this does occur, we believe that Trojan is reliable for going above and beyond, giving our office the consistent results we expect."
Janet Pratt, Office Manager for Dr. Michael Fong

"I wanted to take a minute to let you know how wonderful I think your services are. They are so easy to use and the patients respond really well to your communications with them. The rates you have are very reasonable and I would definitely recommend your services to anyone. Thank you for offering this program in addition to the great insurance program that we also use."
Trisha Morgan, Office Manager for Platinum Dental

"We love the service. It works!"
Nanette, Insurance Coordinator for Plum Grove Dental

Improving Collection Results while
Doctor / Patient relationships!

Providing the Power of Three Credit Reporting Agencies!

By special agreement with Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, Trojan offers the professional power needed for sound financial arrangements.

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We'll also show you
how to legally add
Trojan's collection cost
to your patient's
balance so it won't cost
you a dime.
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